The Miles Consultancy (TMC), Europe’s leading fuel management company, has signed a partnership agreement with The Driving Doctor®, developers of the most advanced driver behaviour software platform. They will join forces to further enhance TMC’s award-winning fuel cost control programme. 

The Driving Doctor® and TMC share a common goal; they use telematics data to increase visibility and identify where improvements can be made in terms of driving style and safer driver behaviour. Working together with clients, the partnership will result in less accidents, reduced costs, lower emissions and fuel usage, compliance with company policy and fulfilment of duty of care legislation.

Commenting on the partnership, Paul Hollick, Managing Director, TMC said, “TMC consolidates and analyses fuel, telematics and mileage data to check compliance with company policy and identify anything out of the ordinary. We work directly with drivers to change behaviours that negatively impact their fuel spend or usage, from alerting the driver to lower cost fuel stations to discussing driving style and behaviour behind the wheel. This is where The Driving Doctor’s® expertise delivers great added value.” 

The Driving Doctor’s® approach to driver behaviour is through an industry unique methodology coaching proposition, which ensures less speeding and harsh or late braking events, all of which consume energy. Drivers are coached to adopt more progressive braking and moderate speed control. These combine to reduce fuel consumption, thereby saving their company money and diminishing the possibility of an accident, with all of the implications that this can involve.

Paul Ripley, The Driving Doctor’s® CEO commented; “This association with TMC will ensure that our joint clients will benefit from a series of significant positives; for example, lower emissions and fuel usage, less accidents, reduced operational costs and insurance premiums, plus full compliance with stringent regulations and legislation. It’s a win-win cost saving equation for our joint clients.” 

The Driving Doctor’s® sophisticated software harvests the vast amount of data captured by vehicle telematics systems. It then transcends this information digitally into a perpetual supply of practical safer driving advice, expert feedback, coaching and driver engagement. This groundbreaking approach to driver behaviour is already proving to be effective for many companies by reducing accidents and controlling costs.

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About The Driving Doctor®

Designed for vehicle fleets, insurers, vehicle leasing companies, telematics service providers and OEMs, The Driving Doctor’s® revolutionary software platform transforms raw telematics data into proactive and targeted coaching messages, support programmes and remedial campaigns, all delivered online direct to the driver.  

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About TMC

TMC works with companies across Europe to deliver visibility, control and cost savings across their fleet and travel operations. TMC overlays employee data on to data feeds from across the mobility supply chain, including telematics providers, fuel card providers and leasing companies. This creates a 360-degree view of each driver and fleet asset, which TMC combines in a comprehensive dashboard that present clients’ data in their preferred format by markets, regions and localities. TMC also offers an advanced pan-European fuel card; carbon reporting; electrification potential; driver compliance management and profiling, and legacy management.