• FTA Silver Partnership of Van Excellence scheme confirmed
  • Paul Ripley speaking at the Van Excellence Operational Briefings 2018

The Driving Doctor®, developers of the most advanced driver behaviour software platform which utilises telematics data capture to improve driver safety, has strengthened its links with the Freight Transport Association (FTA) by becoming a Van Excellence Silver Partner. The company will continue to work closely with the association on their successful Van Excellence programme.

The unique product offering from The Driving Doctor®, the result of CEO Paul Ripley’s 40 years in road safety and driver training, delivers pioneering and crucial evidence-based driver behaviour feedback and coaching education. Driver behaviour behind the wheel is downloaded from the vehicle’s telematics data and, through sophisticated software, translated into practical assistance, delivered direct to individual drivers in the form of online modules, videos, campaigns and quizzes. These have been specifically designed by Paul to help prevent accidents, enhance overall driver safety and improve the critical behaviour and attitudinal human factors related to safe driving.

The company’s involvement in the Van Excellence scheme, which sets out to promote the highest standards of van operation by accrediting operators set against an industry code of practice, was instrumental in the company becoming a Silver Partner of the scheme. 

The Driving Doctor® will be supporting this year’s series of Van Excellence Operational Briefings, Paul Ripley will be sharing his expertise on the subject of driver fatigue and the impact this has on crashes and fatalities in the UK, said to be a contributory factor in 20% of accidents on major roads.

The FTA’s head of vans, Mark Cartwright said, “We are pleased to welcome The Driving Doctor® as a Van Excellence Silver Partner and are delighted that Paul Ripley has agreed to speak at the Operational Briefings on the subject of driver fatigue. Our Van Excellence Briefings, are a fantastic opportunity for fleet managers, engineers and other operational staff to keep up to date with the latest developments, trends and best practices as well as hearing the latest messages on safety and risk management.”

Paul Ripley is delighted to have been asked to address the FTA’s briefings, to be held in three locations in the UK. Paul has worked with many household name brands globally, together with many of the world’s top vehicle manufacturers, delivering driver coaching and safety instruction. The Driving Doctor® and the FTA share the same objectives of enhancing road safety and compliance factors for their fleets and drivers.

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About Van Excellence

Membership of the FTA’s Van Excellence scheme is open to all operators of vehicles of 3.5t GVW or less. Further information, including a registration form and a copy of the code of Van Excellence, can be found at