Product Overview & Background

The Driving Doctor® was developed by the multi-award-winning driver safety specialist, Paul Ripley. Over four decades of driver/driving safety experience has allowed The Driving Doctor® to provide the missing link in the telematics value chain. It greatly enhances the value and usage of telematics data through real time expert analysis and feedback of individual driver behaviour.

Modifying driver behaviour is the single most important factor when attempting to manage, reduce and mitigate driver risk. The Driving Doctor® works on many levels - awareness, knowledge and skill and in a pioneering industry first, includes the important human factors of controlling attitudes, behaviours and emotions. The Driving Doctor® employs the latest educational psychology and philosophy to deliver its vast array of behavioural modification messaging and campaigns.

Vehicle telematics provide a wealth of positive data that, if analysed correctly and acted upon, allows well-managed organisations to change how they run their mobile operations and greatly improve their risk management profiles.

The Driving Doctor’s® perpetual, positive engagement with each driver results in long-term changes in unsafe driving behaviour and greatly enhances safety, compliance and mitigation of road risk.

A recent report by the UK’s world-renownedTransport Research Laboratory (TRL)observed that ...

“Without offering structured driver feedbackand coaching techniques, the business case for using telematics loses pace and credibility.”


In an industry first, The Driving Doctor® addresses the attitudinal and emotional aspects of unsafe driving via innovative behavioural modification techniques, interactive gamification and animation elements. These inspire, encourage and influence behavioural change by focusing on the critical human factors – the mental and emotional processes that are crucial to safe driving and efficient vehicle use. Once again, this is an industry first!