Insurers & Brokers

The Driving Doctor’s® remarkable, industry unique driver behaviour software platform, is proven to greatly enhance driver safety and lower both the crucial elements of loss ratio and crash causation.

Insurers & Brokers

Using telematics data capture augments the effectiveness of The Driving Doctor’s® perpetual, positive engagement with each driver, resulting in long-term changes in unsafe driving behaviour. The Driving Doctor® is a powerful, industry-leading driver behaviour and road risk mitigation solution. We reduce the risk of third-party liability claims through our digital interventions and expert education that turnaround poor driving scores.

We enhance driver involvement by reducing risky behaviour whilst increasing customer engagement and retention. The Driving Doctor’s® multi-award-winning coaching product lowers customer churn, loss ratio and crash causation, frequency and severity. Our driver behaviour coaching and feedback software targets those who need our expert help.

Our industry unique driver behaviour proposition is proven to:

  • Lower loss ratio
  • Lower crash causation, frequency & severity
  • Lower young driver cancellations
  • Improve customer engagement & retention
  • Reduce the risk of third-party liability claims
  • Lower fuel use and insurance premiums
  • Achieve significantly less speeding & braking events