We take your current telematics data, interrogate, decipher and translate it into expert, interactive, digital driver training insights and coaching.

Fleets - How We Do It

Using telematics data, we enrich our award-winning driver education/coaching software with positive and proactive attitudinal and behavioural modification content. Overcoming these important hurdles are necessary for the continued safe use of motor vehicles.

Our evidence-based education delivers a powerful solution that significantly lowers speeding, late braking and fast cornering events. At the same, we lower crash causation whilst improving driver safety and engagement.


  • Each year the company saving is 10 times the cost of the service!
  • Return on Spend that Improves Profitability, Business Efficiencies and Productivity.
  • Safer Drivers through enhanced Driver Behaviour Education (one of our products key features)

The Facts!

  • 30% lower accident rates through Lower Crash Causation (year on year)
  • £64K saving on fuel spend (140 vans – year on year)
  • £79K saving on insurance premiums (140 vans – year on year)
  • 65% less Speeding Tickets from speeding drivers.(year on year)
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“The Driving Doctor® is an outstanding product. In the first few months, we have already seen massive improvements from our fleet drivers including driver behaviour changes and a significant reduction in speeding and harsh braking. We have also benefitted from huge cost savings on fuel due to changes in driver behaviour, on top of reductions in insurance premiums. And compliance and duty of care are all covered. I would highly recommend this product to all fleet managers.”

Gary Camber

Senior Manager, Cable & Splicing Services (CASS)

The Health and Safety Executive

“In summary, if management is in possession of telematics data and fails to act before a worst-case scenario occurs, then liability can and will pass to the company itself. This could lead to prosecutions, fines or even imprisonment”.

Duty of Care

The Driving Doctor® covers all the legal compliance factors such as Duty of Care, HSE Driving for Work responsibilities, audit trails and corporate manslaughter legislation.

We provide a great ROI plus a proven, powerful and comprehensive risk management solution and a ground-breaking driver behaviour and safety initiative.

You’re in safe hands with The Driving Doctor®