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Based on telematics data capture, The Driving Doctor’s® multi award winning proposition provides an intelligent, digital data-driven driver behaviour solution for all drivers to become far safer and hence, lower crash causation.

From company fleet drivers to young drivers, our coaching product significantly lowers the chances of being involved in an accident by addressing high risk behaviour.

Interactive, entertaining, educational and gamification-themed expert content underpins our groundbreaking proposition that, combined with telematics data capture, provides a proven way of managing driver safety whilst incorporating proven road risk management strategies that really work.


The Driving Doctor® are a team of premier data and internationally recognised expert driver coaching specialists. We take your current telematics data, interrogate, decipher and translate it into expert, interactive, digital driver training insights and coaching.

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Insurance and Brokers

The Driving Doctor’s® remarkable, industry unique driver behaviour software platform, used in conjunction with telematics data capture, is proven to greatly enhance driver safety and lower both the crucial elements of loss ratio and crash causation.

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Young Drivers

The Driving Doctor® knows that being a fresh-faced young driver is not easy and that driving in the early days can be somewhat daunting. The first few months are known to be a risky time for all new drivers as you may lack the experience of an older driver. However, do not worry!

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Expert Coaching and Driver Feedback

Our easy to digest advice is suitable for drivers of all age groups, occupations and experience, with clear and easy to follow instructions. Responses to our interactive elements are provided immediately in order to enhance the driver’s learning experience and incentivise further engagement.

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Compliance and Duty of Care

For companies who manage fleet vehicles, The Driving Doctor® proposition comprehensively covers all HSE Road Traffic compliance and Driving for Work legislation, thereby facilitating outstanding driver risk management strategies.

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Award Winning

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